The world’s first market for Health Impact Investing.

Health Impact BondsSM pay for community-based prevention in exchange for a share of health care cost savings that accrue to insurers, employers and other risk-holders. A portion of savings is then re-invested, creating an ongoing system of better health and lower costs.

The result? A market-driven solution to substantially reduce and re-invest the nation’s unsustainable $2.7 trillion health care spend. (PDF)

Why focus on community?

Research reveals that communities – the people, places, choices and conditions around us – drive more than half of health outcomes and costs. Yet these factors are mostly ignored by the health care system because financial incentives are directed at treatment not prevention. (More...)

Expertise from lab to market.

Collective Health was launched with research support from UC Berkeley School of Public Health and grant funding from the California Endowment. The team brings together deep industry experience with multidisciplinary expertise across health, financial, and community/social systems. (More...)